70. Filmabend: „Waaki (Sanctuary)“ (Originalversion)

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Einlaß 17.50 Uhr – FSK unbekannt (ich würde ab 10 empfehlen) – 56 Minuten

Sprachen: Hopi, Tzeltal Maya, Nahuatl, English, Spanish with English subtitles

Renowned Hopi filmmaker Victor Masayesva, Jr. explores the centrality of corn for the Hopi, Nahua, and Maya, tracing the role of corn from creation stories to today’s struggles against climate change.

The film presents complex interrelationships between humans, plants, food systems, animals, birds, ceremonies and the cycles of the earth, sun and moon within the universe from a Hopi, Maya, and Nahua perspective.

By tracing the lineage and mysterious origins of corn, we gain a deeper understanding of the ancestry of communities that transcend borders.

„Waaki presents Hopi knowledge with a self-assured visual sovereignty.“
– Dorothy Christian, Simon Fraser University

„The film is a fascinating blend of genres – part ethnographic, part documentary and part animation.“
– Vicky Westover, Hanson FilmTV Institute Director, U of Arizona

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